DGTL.dk is the proud sponsor of an experienced racing team!
Our next event is the 2010 24 Hour Sim Racing event GTR24H: www.gtr24h.dk


Steffen “Speedy” Møller: Steffen is a real racer, who amongst many other things have won the nordic Formula Renault 2000 championship. Steffen is extremely modest and friendly – untill the race starts!
Steffen is not the slowest simracer we have ever seen, but may be the worst loser of all

Peter “#9″ Munkholm: This guy lives and breathes motorsports, has more gokarts then sence, and has been known to mumble perfect tire choise strategies in his sleep during 24 hour races.
Got his nickname when he became the #9 Simracer in the world

Alex “Sideways” Riis: Alex is the boss here at SimUtils, and also for the racing team. Alex does little to no work himself, but is good at taking credit for others’ and making them do stuff.
Got his nickname because he usually sees where he’s going through one of his side windows. “Go in fast, and out sideways” is his motto, as opposed to the usual “In slow, out fast”.

Claus “Merlot” Møller: Claus is a cheerfull and friendly guy who races his classic Formula 2000 car in the weekends, and uploads youtube videos of the same on weekdays. Claus is fast but dangerous!
Claus never races without a glass of red wine by his side

Casper ”Robot” Hedegaard: Electronics genius, organizer of www.gtr24h.dk and the most stable driver the world has ever seen – will do the exact same laptime any day on any track in any car on any tire!
Casper got his nickname after beating a couple of extremely fast semi-pro race drivers on stability alone at a 12 hour GT Race on Spa-Francorchamps in 2006

Lasse “McLovin” Ougaard: Lasse is a moped, motorcycle and R/C enthusiast, and also has a special talent of allways being 0.1 second faster a lap then the opposition. A true natural talent.
Watch the movie “Superbad”, you’ll know immediately.

Pitcrew, Catering etc:

Michael “Rubberduck” Wickstrøm: Michael is a trucker who will keep on truck’in all night long! Michael kept us all going as our chief engineer at the 2008 Le Mans Race, where we succeeded in taking P1 and P2 thanks to him, and again in 2009, “Wickie” helped us take the 1st and 3rd places!
Michael Wickstrøm

Dina Bruselius: Caspers woman, part-time pit crew and also an absolute expert in fake-laughing at everyones(Peters) bad(ish) jokes, great fun to be around, and also a co-organizer of GTR24H with Casper.

Mette Henningsen: Alex’ woman, part-time pit crew, and also helping at GTR24H by being a part-time judge. Mette is a huge sports fan, and is very serious about supporting the team once the racing starts.


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