Setups from Team DGTL that you can download and use

All the setups in here, are race ready setups, that we either thoroughly tested or even races at one time or another. We use telemetry tools and MoTec i2 Pro with a vast amount of custom settings and calculations, to ensure that our setups are as close to technically perfect as they can be.

GTR24h Le Mans- GTE 2013

GTR24h Le Mans


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  1. […] Due to several minor corrections on the LMP cars, the cars performance have been improved a lot. This has resulted in the LMP cars have become easier for qualifying than the GT cars. For the sake of the event’s attendees, and the general quality of the event, we have therefore been forced to lower the qualifying time on the LMP cars from 3:38 to 3:30. To help teams to better and easier qualification in the GT cars, we are pleased to be able to link to good setups from Team DGTL. These setups can be downloaded at the TEAM DGTL website: […]

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