With the shift light program I’m hitting the optimum shift moment and doesn’t require me to buy an expensive SLI-m or pro.
I also ordered the simraceway wheelSo I hope my g25 drives as nicely as the fanatec gt2 wheel does

Star Star Star Star Star

Marcel Bosman

I’ve tried out that new version of your shift light software. That “night mode” is awesome! Really good idea imho. Keep up the good work!

Star Star Star Star Star

Tibor Krizsák

Hey 🙂 The software is very very Good!

Star Star Star Star Star

– Edin Rekic

SRW-S1 Shift Light Program

We take personal contact to all our customers to ensure they get the full functionality.
5.0 out of 5
based on 3 reviews

IMPORTANT: Windows XP version now available. This does not support iRacing, since the iRacing SDK is .Net 4.0. You need to ask for the XP version if you want that.

To get rFactor 2 support, you need these DLL’s 64bit32bit

SRW-S1 or not, never again doubt if you are changing gear at the optimum rpm. You can even use it without the SRW-S1. With this software you can have perfectly timed gear changes every time. Supported games:

  • GTR2
  • iRacing
  • GTR Evolution
  • Race 07
  • rFactor 2 (with plugin dll’s 64bit32bit)

We have released a new version of our software.

  • Set shift range independently for each gear
  • Working dial on the wheel for mode select
  • Center dial for setting Shift RPM
  • Keyboard hot-keys for setting low/start RPM
  • (Added 10/1 – 2013) Automatic saving of settings for each car on each track for GTR2 (comming later for iRacing)
  • (Added 14/1 – 2013) Night-mode in all 3 modes for dimmed lights setting
  • (Added 16/1 – 2013) Emulated lights inside the program, and made program “Always-on-top”
  • (Added 22/1 – 2013) Simulated shiftlights made as seperate window
  • (Added 22/1 – 2013) Gear Indicator added to the Simulated shiftlights window
  • (Corrected 22/1 – 2013) Bug concerning the loading of proper setting for cars and tracks. Program now saves and loads correct settings
  • (Added 2/2 – 2013) Initial rFactor support
  • (Added 3/2 – 2013) Full rFactor support
  • (Added 3/2 – 2013) Completely rewritten GTR2 support
  • (Added 19/2 – 2013) Click Once installer
  • (Added 19/2 – 2013) Full GTR Evolution support
  • (Added 19/2 – 2013) Initial RACE 07 support
  • (Added 13/6 – 2013) More saving options
  • (Added 13/6 – 2013) Windows XP version
  • (Added 9/7 – 2013) Reworked rFactor support
  • (Added 11/7 – 2013) Completely new rFactor offline and online support
  • (Added 21/9 2014) rFactor2 support with these DLL’s 64bit32bit
  • (Removed 01/2 2015) rFactor support, due to inaccessible data

Product: Shift light indicator software for SRW-S1 (supports both GTR2 and iRacing)

Price: 50 DKK. ~ 8.75$

File size: 484 KB


  • IF the buy process doesn’t take you to the download link, please have patience, as I always e-mail the link to all customers, just to make sure

Using the buy button and completing the payment will take you to the download link.

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NoGrip GTR2 2012 season Brno = Another team DGTL win

On September 16, 2012, in Race Reports, by Peter Munkholm

After last weeks parody of a race, only the strongest drivers showed. Chris and Casper decided to ditch the series and focus on the preperations for the GTR24h. So Peter Munkholm was faced with the best of NoGrip all alone.

Peter Munkholm on pole at Brno

Peter Munkholm on pole at Brno

But 3 laps was all it took in qualifying to secure pole position and a new track record. The race featured some nice close racing and a couple of bad brake balance sliding moments. But despite the slight driver mistakes, Peter Munkholm sailed to victory and setting fastest race lap by ½ a second in the process.

We recorded a video of the battle with Kim Damholt for the victory. Click the “Continue reading” link to view the video.

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Another GTR24h Test race – Another Team DGTL Win

On September 13, 2012, in Race Reports, by Peter Munkholm
Test Race

Test Race

Monday night brought yet another GTR24h test race on the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe. Lasse Ougaard took the GT class win, by being the only surviving GT car out of 5 competitors in  the class. Casper Hourgaard took out team mate Peter Munkholm in an unlucky late brake-in accident on the first lap in the second chicane.

The LMP class was won by Chris Dons Johansen, using clever tactics and great stability. The result was a pit stop less to Chris in the Pescarolo 01, then race leader Klaus Kåg in an Audi R18. Finally taking Chris to victory lane with 5 laps remaining.

We recorded more then 3 hours of video, from the onboard camera of Peter Munkholm. Click the “read more” link to view

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GTR4U GTT 2012 Test Race @ Hockenheim

On September 12, 2012, in Race Reports, by Peter Munkholm

Drivers Henning Pedersen and Peter Munkholm have enrolled in the german GTR4U GTT. The first test race was held this sunday. And although the results were not as good as expected, the car showed speed and promise. Apart from being nudged of track on the first lap, both drivers performed with no accidents, but did manage to collect a total of 4 stop and go penalties. All was given for cutting the track in the first corner.

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Podcaster.mobi joins our partner network

On September 12, 2012, in News, by Peter Munkholm


Ever get bored driving to school or work? Why not listen to some Podcasts!

Podcaster.mobi lets you search the entire web for Podcasts, remembers which ones you usually listen to, and even remembers where you left off in each podcast.

When Podcaster detects that the current episode is ending, it even asks you if you want to play the next episode, or select a different one.

The Developer made this App, as he was tired of the lack of user-friendlyness of existing native Podcast Apps, tired of them crashing, and then not remembering where it had left off. Also, he wanted something that could work on all of his devices!


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