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On October 18, 2014, in Race Reports, by Peter Munkholm

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Some images from todays practice.


SRW-S1 Shift Lights program adds support for rFactor 2

On September 24, 2014, in News, by Peter Munkholm

You can now get your SRW-S1 shift lights working with rFactor2

The Simraceway SRW-S1 Shift light now has preliminary rFactor 2 support. If you want to use it with rFactor 2, you have to download the proper rFactor 2 plugin.

You can find links to the plugins here:

32 bit version (ShiftLight.dll) goes into your rFactor2/Bin32/Plugins folder

64 bit version (ShiftLight_x64.dll) version goes into your rFactor2/Bin64/Plugins folder

For questions, please visit the Facebok page:

Should you want to buy the Shift Light software, you can do it from here:


Re-download your shift light program

On February 24, 2014, in Guides & Help, by Peter Munkholm

Problems with our certification has caused the current version of the software to not work. However the fix is easy. Use the link from your e-mail and download the setup file again. Run it, and you are back in business.


Team DGTL Botex – Getting ready for the big one!

On October 24, 2013, in News, by Peter Munkholm

Front features cabine style living quaters, and stacked storage of the two race cars in the rear.

The last of the test races are in the books. All that is left to do is packing up the trailer, and head out for Kolding.
If we haven’t spent time testing PC’s or software, we have won as near as all test race we have participated in. Some of them even from the back of the grid. The events would have it, that testing a new hardware setting on the race PC, had the GTE car completely strangeled in the last race. A setting that was supposed to make the race computer much more stable, instead ended up almost causing an exit with electrical problems. But with modern ASUS Motherboards we resolved the issues by downclocking and opening up Intel Speed Stepping again. And luckily this made all our problems disapear like dew in the hot sun.

A bit of playing around with the affinity settings and further tuning the graphics, made the game run even smoother. And the beauty of these stunning 500bhp+ sportscar beasts in the breaking morning sun, is just  about tear breaking.

Presenting our cars for this years event


DGTL Racing Honda HPD

The Team DGTL Racing Honda HPD ARX-03a will be driven by

  • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard
  • Casper Hougaard Jensen
  • Chris Dons Johansen

Coming hot from a second place finish in last years GT24h, Chris and Casper have shown their pace is more than enough to win this event.

But this year besides practicing hard for the event, Chris and Casper have been hampered by their engagement in developing the engine wear resume software for this years race.

Lasse Jakobi Ougaard has also been engaged in his education, and competing in the danish national Formula Ford Championship.

But even with little time to practice, they have still manages to win test races and they do expect nothing but to continue this habit of winning. The goal for the car is clear: WIN!


DGTL Botex Corvette C6-ZR1

The DGTL Botex Corvette C6-ZR1 will this year be driven by:

  • Lars Gramberg
  • Alex Riis
  • Peter Munkholm

For many years Lars have been honing his skill at racing by competing in the DGTL secondary cars. But this year it is time for the big one, and Lars has stepped up to the challenge. Setting pole times and winning test races, Lars is stepping up like a pro.

Alex Riis is the GTR24h version of Tom Kristensen. With 5 GTR24h wins, there is really no further presentation necessary. An endurance king.

Peter Munkholm tried for the LMP class last year, but failed on hardware issues. Now stepping back to his weapon of choice, the Corvette C6, this Corvette veteran is every bit as reliable as he is fast. Never having crashed out a car from a GTR24h race in 6 years and having 2 GTR2 pole  positions and 4 GTR24h wins under his belt, this is about as reliable as endurance racers come.

The guys know the GTE Class is strongly contested by several international ace drivers, but the goal is still set for winning, by deploying their usual laid back an smooth style. Avoid all problems, and we believe these veterans can win.


Entertainment – Corvette vs. Viper @ GTR24h Practice Run

On September 23, 2013, in Race Reports, by Peter Munkholm

Drivers: SRT Viper: Gert Nielsen – Corvette C6-ZR1: Peter Munkholm

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We thought it was about time with some good old entertaining close racing. And what kind of racing is more exciting than 2 500bhp 2300 pound GTE cars slugging it out. Like two heavy weight boxing champions exchanging blows, ducking and dodging.

And watch watch out for those busy LMP’s always comming from behind and interfering in the fight. I’m sorry about the black pauses, but my video software or source disk is acting up.


Testing RFactor2

On July 31, 2013, in News, by Peter Munkholm

logo_black_4x3Like everybody else, we are looking for that next sim, to take the crown from GTR2 and RFactor. So I decided to both try some laps in different mods, and to see how easy it would be to convert content from GTR2 Mods to RFactor2.

I did a short test race in a Nissan 370Z, and there is no questioning it. RFactor2 both runs great and looks the business. You can watch the onboard video from the race here:

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In the weekend (27th of July) the DGTL members voted as the most prefered date for the 12 hours of Nürburgring Nordschleife race. Sadly Only 4 cars showed up on the grid. And when 2 of the Cars from SH racing disconnected and gave up racing after 1 hour, the two cars from Teqam DGTL running under the “10 Man Project” and “Sim Racing Tech” name finished 2nd and 1st.

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Website and Sponsor Link Update

On July 8, 2013, in News, by Peter Munkholm

botexAs part of the teams preparation and gearing up for the the 2013 GTR24h, we have moved the website to a private server to speed the whole user experience up. And we have started the update of graphics and links concerning our sponsors.

One of the new things for 2013 is one of the cars will be supported by danish home textile vendor Botex. I see you thinking: What does home textiles have to do with racing?

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Team is getting ready for the 2013 GTR24h

On July 4, 2013, in News, by Peter Munkholm

With 3 cars again this year, two in GTE and one LMP car, Team DGTL will again be heavily represented at the 2013 GTR24h. This year one of the GTE cars, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, will be fully backed by the danish home textile vendor “Botex”. With a new focus on home textiles and curtains specially made, delivered and mounted directly in your home, the need for signaling fast delivery is there. So we are now entering the worlds fastest curtain mounting van.

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Team DGTL drivers win the DVEC 12 Hours of Sebring 2013

On January 14, 2013, in Race Reports, by Peter Munkholm
DVEC 12 Hours of Sebring 2013 Class Winners

DVEC 12 Hours of Sebring 2013 Class Winners

Under the team name “Stille og Rolig Racing” (Calm and Quiet Racing), Team DGTL drivers Chris Dons Johansen og Peter Munkholm Kristensen succeded in taking the GT class victory at this years DVEC 12 Hours of Sebring.

During the entire race, technical issues continued to put the team down, and the drivers had to claw their way back in the lead twice during the race.

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